Thursday, 4 April 2013


Hello all..

Just popping by to ask for your thoughts....

I am trying to talk hubby into me investing in some colouring pencils. 
I have watched a few tutorials and have  seen some amazing colouring from some of your blogs.

I have also received some great advice and info from some of you too (thanks)..

To help me decide which ones to go for polychromos / prisma's. I would love to hear your preferences and thoughts......

Thanks and big hugs 


Crafteezee said...

Hi Kelly Hun, I would recommend the Polychromo's. The prisma's are so soft that they often break and a sharp point is hard to maintain. I know someone was selling some on facebook inky chicks but not sure if they are still available.
Hugs Tracy x

debby4000 said...

Have to agree with Tracy, I have both but now use the Polychromo simply because its so frustrating when the prisms break and I felt I was continuing sharpen all the time.
Although expensive Hobbycraft sells the Polychromos individually so you could build up a collection since sets are not cheap.
The only reason I use pencils is because I can't take the lids of the pencils. Have to say I think you colouring is fabulous.

Ann-Marie said...

Hi Kelly, I remember trying to decide which was best and I was worried because its a considered purchase. As you know I went with Prismas and I don't regret it one bit but as Tracy and Debby say they are soft and can break easy but find them easy to blend. As I understand it Polys are harder and you have to work a bit longer at blending but thats only what I've heard as I've never tried them. It may be worth getting a couple of single pencils from each and trying them out to see which you prefer. Hope this is of some help. Have a good weekend, take care, Ann-Marie xxx

DesignerDiva said...

Hi Kelly
I started with Prisma's and replaced them Faber Castelli polychromo's as they don't break so much, it was really frustrating just trying to sharpen them!!
Laurie xx

Vicky said...

Hi Kelly, As a coloured pencil artist I always favour the polychromos, they are softer and a lot more versatile. Prisma are wax based and polys are oil based. You can tend to get a sheen on the prisma, and although the colour is richer when it's new, it fades in sunlight - not sure how much this will affect your descision as a card maker, but for portraits that are hung on a wall, it very important. I use polys on my cards too, starting with the lighter areas and gradually building up the intensity of the colour. I hope this helps, but if there is anything else you want to know, jut give me a quick email,

hugs Vicky xxx